Our mission is to offer resourced opportunities and safer spaces to LGBTQ+ youth experiencing homelessness through housing, educational, and employment-readiness programs.


We envision a world in which communities are committed to uplifting and rebuilding the lives of  LGBTQ+ youth to ensure they thrive professionally, personally, and within their families, born into or chosen.

Core Values

Uplifting the community

We believe that all people can be successful, especially if they have the right resources and productive leadership to help them reach their individual goals. We strive to become entuned with the needs of community members to help uplift them and empower them to be resilient and uplift themselves.


We recognize that many people fulfill other people’s dreams rather than learning and understanding their own. We aim to guide the community to become self-aware of their needs, actions, and impacts on the community. Knowledge is power.


We understand that one size does not fit all in education. We build off the strengths and interests off our youth to find opportunities that will prove enjoyable, educational, and fruitful during secondary schooling and beyond. Education goes beyond the classroom, and we believe that youth should acquire the skills needed to be successful members of society.


We strive to end LGBTQ+ youth homelessness. We provide guidance and resources that will help youth obtain and maintain livable income, effectively manage finances, and secure livable housing.


We are committed to providing services that value, respect, and embrace differences. Our services aim to foster trust, loyalty, and unity among those we serve. We believe in paying it forward and encouraging our youth to do the same. The good in our lives has motivated us to serve others in various capacities.

Let’s FOCUS on our youth.